You have Pesticides in your Body, but an Organic Diet can reduce them by 70%

Hunza Man spraying in a hunza farm by GS Hunza Dry Fruits

A new study shows that we consume cancer-linked glyphosate in our food. The good news: going organic rapidly reduces these levels. 🏞️ Never before have we sprayed so much of a chemical on our food, on our yards, on our children’s playgrounds. So it’s no surprise that Pesticides up in our bodies.

What is perhaps surprising is how easy it is to get it out. A group studied pesticide levels in four American families for six days on a non-organic diet and six days on a completely organic diet. Switching to an organic diet decreased levels of Roundup’s toxic main ingredient, glyphosate, by 70% in just six days.

🌱Pesticide companies’ ability to keep profiting from products that poison us is particularly egregious given that we have a solution. Organic works. And not just for our health – research shows that a shift away from pesticide-intensive agriculture leads to significant improvements for biodiversity and other environmental benchmarks while also yielding enough to ensure a well-fed planet.


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