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Organic Bitter Apricot Kernel خوبانی گیری


Why choose Hunza’s Bitter Apricot Kernels (Khubani Geree)?

  • Organic and Naturally Grown
  • Rich in Vitamins and Minerals
  • Fresh produce of 2022
  • Farmed with fresh Hunza Water

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Bitter apricot kernels are high in dietary fiber, minerals, and protein. You can eat the apricot seeds raw or grind them into a powder and sprinkle them into your fruits and vegetables. You can also grind and roast the organic apricot kernels and use the oil for cooking or salad dressings.

Apricot Kernels enhance the flavor and nutritional value of your favorite dishes! Grind them, chop them, or enjoy them as is. Sprinkle apricot kernel slices on salads, fruits, cold or warm cereal, and yogurt. Apricot seeds are even great to grind up as a powder and enjoy coffee, smoothies, vegetable dishes, and soups! There are many ways to get the added health benefits of apricot kernels in your daily diet.

All health content on is provided for general information only and should not be treated as a substitute for the medical advice of your doctor or any other health care professional. Unless otherwise stated, all products are grown in natural environments without using preservatives or artificial flavors, but no product is lab tested and certified organic.

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3 reviews for Organic Bitter Apricot Kernel خوبانی گیری

  1. Hamza Ali

    Fast service and the product is very fresh. Started taking the seeds and chewing them up a couple of months ago. I’m taking them for prostate cancer and I also had a patch of skin cancer. Within a week the skin cancer started receding and is totally gone now.

  2. Shariq Mahmood

    I purchased my first bag of Bitter Apricot Kernel la little less than a year ago in an effort to stop my hair fall. After using it for weeks, I could see better results. Money well spent!

  3. Amir Khan

    I eat about 13 kernels a day . The bitterness of the kernels is not bad. I eat them with organic dried Apricots and dried Mulberries.
    Worth taking to prevent & keep cancer from recurring. I’ve been pleased with the product and have been completely cancer free for over 3.5 years. Thank you so much!

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