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Gilgit Baltistan’s largest Dried Fruits & Nuts Suppliers

Started as little as an Organic Food Cabin in a distant village in Hunza, GS Hunza Dry Fruits grew up to be a leading Organic Food provider in Gilgit Baltistan. Eventually, thanks to the love of people for All-natural and Organic Food, we started getting orders from all across Pakistan.

To promote our Dried Fruits and Nuts even further, GS Hunza Dry Fruits started showcasing our products at annual food festivals and exhibitions across Pakistan. In May 2015, we launched our Online Shop, making it easy for our valued consumers to shop Hunza Organic and all Natural Dry Fruits.

Sucess Story

Hunza Candy: Kelawo is a chocolate-like candy made by coating Nuts with Honey and Mulberry Juice. The Nuts generally include Almond Kernel, Walnut, and Apricot Kernel. Its origin is the Punial area which is a valley in Ghizer District. GS Hunza Dry Fruits’ Kelawo has been produced in Punial with traditional indigenous methods for more than 80 years.

It was introduced in the market for commercial purposes very late almost 30 years ago when foreigners and tourists visited the area and discovered this special product. As demand for Walnut Kelawo increased in the market, the technology of Kelawo production also shifted from Punial to other areas, especially to the Gilgit region, where there is a big market for dried fruits and nuts.

Our Work

In May, the ripe season of mulberry and cherries is started in Gilgit Baltistan. We begin to collect raw material in the second week of May, bring it to the processing unit, and put it into the pulping process. A unique plus point for Gilgit Baltistan’s climate is that there are different ripe seasons for a specific fruit, starting from low altitude areas.

(like Gilgit) to high altitude areas (like upper Hunza), so raw material remains available until September. Kelawo is available in three delicious Tastes: Almond KelawoWalnut Kelawo, andApricot Kelawo.

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