Importance of Eating Organic Dry Fruits.

Then, there are people in the cities who are realizing that most of their health problems are related to food and we know that chronic diseases are food-related. This being the case, it’s better to shift to organic since it is the best medicine. As Ayurveda says, Annam Sarvodaya [food as universal upliftement], so that is the shift.
Over the years, I have worked with many states and we have helped around seven of them make a shift towards organic policies. They include Hunza (the movement is very strong and is spreading very fast), Sikkim (the first 100% organic state in the world).
Outside Pakistan, the government of Bhutan is totally committed to moving towards organic, and we have helped give advice. So, it is a movement that must grow because there is no other way to farm. In any case, the big companies that draw the chemicals are saying, we don’t need farmers now. We will do farming without farmers. And worse, they are also saying, we don’t need food either – we will just cook together constituents in the lab – so between no farmer and no food, the alternative that will work, for the farmer, for the earth, for the people who have to eat, will be organic. So, no matter how much denial takes place, this is the future.

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