Hunza’s Dry Fruits vs other Dry Fruits

Hunza Dry Fruits Vs Other Dry Fruits!
Many people ask us, what is the difference between Hunza & Quetta dry fruits or dry fruits from any other region in Pakistan?
We asked Mr. Ghulam Ud Din founder & CEO of GS Hunza Dry Fruits the same question
“Although dried fruits and even organic dried fruits are provided by many sellers across Pakistan (and we are proud) but Hunza dried fruits stand distant than others because of its Organic farms and cultivation methods.
The first difference is that no matter how much we try to replicate Organic farms with Tunnels we can’t get better results. Because Organic farms don’t mean green lands with beautiful trees. Organic farms are organic because of Non-GMOs, Non-pesticides, Non-artifical fertilizers even No Vehicle smoke, No Plastic & Cigarette smoke!
Secondly, the secret lies in Hunza water. Our farms are irrigated with water which contains more than 84 essential minerals found in Shilajit. No other fruit farms are cultivated with such water.”
“Our Mission is to deliver the best organic food products to our valued customer, processed under strict quality control with natural ingredients, using the latest techniques. We believe in social values and understand people’s needs.”
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