We hit another milestone in 2019, Our plans for 2020

2019 A year full of Natural and Organic Fruits. Thank you for helping us spread the word of Organic food. We hit a milestone and fulfilled 471 orders from our online store successfully.
Here are some of our other accomplishments:
 We gave out daily work to 12 women in our locality which we are going to increase in 2020 inshallah.
 To facilitate our valued customers we collaborated with Daraz and Leopards and Launched Cash On Delivery option across Pakistan.
 We improved traditional methods of harvesting and drying of fruits by implementing the “No Preservatives” rule.
 We participated in Various Cultural Exhibitions and festivals across Pakistan and showcased our products. The response was thrilling and we really thank you all for that.
 Our updated ‘Return Policy’ helped our valued customers easily return any wrong delivery.

What are our goals for 2020?
 By the 3rd week of January, we will launch our newly designed 100% degradable and environment-friendly shopping bags and packaging materials.
 This year we aim to give work to more than 50 women at their homes, so they easily do their household tasks too.
 We are happy to share that we have received orders from abroad Pakistan but unfortunately, we weren’t able to ship our items, this year Inshallah we will deliver our products across the globe.
 We launching our own website to easily allow our customers to place orders, review them and help others by rating them.

So thank you all for this amazing year and Happy Healthy Shopping. 
Happy New Year

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