How to place bulk orders?


Click on ‘Create an Account’. Fill in your company/shop details. After approval, you’ll be able to access Wholesale Store.


Our team will review your order details and send you an update if your order can be processed or not.


Once your order is confirmed, you can complete a 25% payment (remaining 75% as cash on delivery) or 100% payment before the order is dispatched.


Upon receiving the advance payment, you will receive updates on delivery timelines for your order. You’ll be asked to pay the remaining amount as cash upon delivery.

Exclusive benefits for bulk order

Business pricing & bulk discounts

Business-only prices and bulk discounts on all GS Hunza Dry Fruits products

Fast, reliable Shipping

Door to door services via our reliable delivery network

Bulk Orders: Terms of Engagement

1. Bulk Procurement process is only for gifting & doesn’t assist in any form of re-selling.

2. Please ensure that the company/shop details and documents submitted by you are genuine, given, and signed by the persons whose names appear on them. Any mismatches/ discrepancies will lead to cancellations of the said order.

3. Sharing details doesn’t guarantee a confirmed order with us. Our team will reach out to you at the earliest to understand your requirements better and take it forward.

4. We currently serve Pakistan-only orders. For international orders, email us at [email protected] and will share details.

5. GS Hunza Dry Fruits reserves the right at its sole discretion to withdraw, cancel, amend, or modify any part of or the entire scheme at any time without any notice, and GS Hunza Dry Fruits will have no liability concerning that.

6. GS Hunza Dry Fruits will not entertain requests not adhering to the rule as mentioned above.

7. Our standard returns and refunds policy applies to all orders.