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Hunza Walnut Kernel (Organic, Brown) اخروٹ گیری


Why our Brown Walnut Kernels

  • Organic
  • From natural farms and forests of Gilgit Baltistan
  • Freshly packed
  • Without shells
  • Darkar and natural color and white walnut kernels.
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4 reviews for Hunza Walnut Kernel (Organic, Brown) اخروٹ گیری

  1. Aliya Zaib

    It was a good experience buying from Gs hunza dry fruits… the nuts were amazing and thanks for the gift.

  2. Atif Bulen

    I received the parcel within 3 days of placing order. The walnuts are fresh and very tasty, thanks for the amazing service.

  3. Javed Ali

    The walnuts are of good taste.

  4. Ahad S

    I purchased both walnuts with shell and without shell and must say that I prefer these. While both were amazingly tasty, it was more hassle free to eat these

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